about Kampong Thom

In the ancient time, Kompong Thom province  belong to the kingdom of Chen La .it was a province which has many single temples built as group to be dedicated to Siva in Brahmanism. Most treasures in Kompong Thom province are the art of Chen La. They were the real opus of the Khmer art and highly progressed.

CHEN LA ( Means the district of bee wax )
   Chen La was a state influenced by Kloeng like Fu Non. Chen La situated at the middle of Mekong river basin, and along the Semon river until the Basac river. She had appeared in 6th century. it was combined by two dynasties. Fu Non ( family of the moon ) and Chen La ( family of the sun ),And became the Kingdom of Khmer named Cambodia. Cambodia means the territory created by the great hermit, Kampu Svayamphuvak and nymph, Me Ra offered to be the queen by the sacred god ( inscription of Bak Sey Cham Krong temple 10th century ).

- the King who named the country “ Cambodia ” was Phavak Varaman, 6th century in the Chen La time, there are 9 kings :

1 - Great hermit, Kampu Svayamphuvak and nymph, Me Ra ( in the legend )

2 - Srot Varman

3 - Sres Varman ( there was a capital named Sres Borak in Ba Sac area in Laos at around Phu pagoda )

4 - Phavak Varman II ( 550-600 )

    Capital named Phavak Borak. Phavak Varman was a king of Chen La.His race from fu Non. He was a son of Virak Varman and a grandson of Rutr Varman. He got crowned with Kompuch Raja Laksmey, a daughter of the king of Chen La who was the neighbor of Sres Varman’s mother.By the explanation from the Chen La’s royal family said that the king Phavark Varman and his brother Chetr-Sen started invading the kingdom of Phnom in the second half of the 6th century. At that time, his grandfather died, the kingdom of Fu Non was defeated and moved the capital from Vjathak Borak( Ba Phnom ) to Navak Varak Nokor ( Angkor Borey, Ta keo ). King Pha VarkvarmanI build a capital named Pha Vak Borak ( at around Ampil Rolum ).

5 - Mohentr Varman ( 600-615 )

    King Phavak Varman I died without remaining any child. Chetr-Sen was on the throne in 600 and named Mohentr Varman. In the political activities, he made friend with the kingdom of Cambodia.

6 - Isanak Varman I ( 615-635 ) 

 He was a son of Mohentr Varman. He was on the throne in 615 and died in 635.He built a capital Isanak Borak ( Sambor Pei Kuk ). By the documents of Swi’s royal family in china showed that his capital has 20,000 houses located near Sen river. He had a glorious civilization of Khmer at that time. In view of foreign policies, He made friend with China and Chom Pa. He arranged marriage for his daughter, Sara Ni crowning on king of Cham.

7 - Phavak Varman II ( 639........... )

     Due to Isanak Varman I Did not have a child after he died, Phavak Varman II would inherit the royal wealth. it was known how is relation between PhavakVaman II and Isanak Varman I because he held the power with shot time, therefore nobody knows what happened in that period.
8 - Jaya Varman I ( 657-681 )

    He was a son of Phavak Varman II. After the father’s death he was on the throne in 657 and died in 681. He built the temple at Vjatha Borak ( Ba Phnom, Prei Veng Province ) and the Wat Phu temple( Ba Sak ).He had only daughter,Jaya Tevy ( who inherited after her father died )

9 - Queen Jaya Tevy ( 681-713 )

     She was on the throne in 681.but her power was not strongly fundamental. During the period 706-713, Chen La had been divided into two parts : Land Chen La and Water Chen La by civil war.

Kampong Thom Province has :

                                               - land area    :  15,061 Square Kilometers
                                               - District       :   07 and 01 city ( Baray,Santuk,Kompong svay,
                                                 Steung Sen city,Prasat sambo,Prasat Balaing,Stoung and Sandan )
                                               - Commune  :   81
                                               - Villages     :   739
                                               - Families     :   110,354
                                               - People        :   615,576
Kompong Thom 168 Kilometers north of Phnom Penh, there are 4 mains priority tourism resort among 22 potentials.

Historical Site : ( 6 places )

1-  Sambor Prei Kuk Temple : 35 km north of the provincial town of Kampong Thom and tune right 17 km from the national road N° 64. it located at Sambo village, Sambo Commune, Brasat Sambo District.

 2-  Kuk Nokor Temple : 70 Kilometers south of the provincial town of Kampong Thom and tune right 2 km from the national road N° 6. it located at Pong Ror village, Pong Ror Commune, Baray District.

3- Preah Teat Temple: 8 km south of provincial town of Kampong Thom and turn right 3km.it located at Rokar village,Srayov Commune,Stung Sen City,Kampong Thom Province.

4- Prasat Temple: 27 km south of provincial town of Kampong Thom and turn right 100m.it located at Prasat village,Prasat Commune,San Tuk District,Kampong Thom Province.

5- Thnort Chum Temple: 35km south of provincial town of Kampong Thom and turn right 5km.it located at Thnort Chum village,Thnort Chum Commune,Baray District,Kampong Thom Province.

6- Ang Det Temple: 38 km west of provincial town of Kampong Thom and turn left 3 km.it located at Prasat Ang Det village,San Kor Commune,Kampong Svay District,Kampong Thom Province.

    Cultural and Natural Site : ( 1 Place )

    Santuk mountain : 20 km south of the provincial town of Kampong Thom  and tune left 2 km from the national road N° 6. it located at Kor Kas Commune, Santuk District.

    Man-Made Site : ( 2 places )

    1- Prey Pras River : 16 km from the provincial town and close to the national road N° 6. it located at Prey Priel village, Tbeng commune, Kompong Svay district.
    2- Tum Nupmuymakara ( 1 January Dam ) : 42 km south of the provincial town of Kampong Thom. it located in Prei Sra Nge village, Ba Laing Commune , Ba Ray District of Kampong Thom Province.


- Hotels                        10 Hotels

- Guest houses            16 Guest houses

- Homestays                 2 Homestays ( Sambor Prei Kuk homestay and Ba Ray homestay )

- Restaurants               72 places