about Kampong Thom

Kampong Thom province is in the middle of the two main tourist attracted sites of Cambodia,Phnom Penh and siem Reap.Tourists always pass or stop for a very short time in Kampong Thom for lunch or short trip to Sambor Prei Kuk temple and Phnom Santuk ( Santuk mountain ).

The town of Kampong Thom is the capital of Kampong Thom province and was originally known as Kampong Pous Thom, Port of the Big Snake because at the lake to the north of the river was a cave that was the home of large snake. The people of the area would usually see the snake when they visited on Buddhist holidays and festivals. Over time the name was shortened to Kampong Thom.

During the French colonial era Cambodia was split up into administrative provinces, and the name of the province was changed from Kampong Svay and was instead named after the town. The original province of Kampong Svay was much larger than Kampong Thom province, and included within its area the northern province of Preah Vihear. Kampong Thom’s provincial statue is Domrei Choun Klah, which translates as Elephant Crushes Tiger. It is a potent symbol that was chosen due to the fact that Kampong Thom province used to be home to many wild elephants and tigers.

The original settlement of Kampong Thom was on the northern bank of the Stung Sen (Sen River), but in the late 19th century, the French developed an administrative district on the southern bank, which over time became the new center of the town. The riverside area along the southern bank of Stung Sen is home to the current government buildings and the French colonial government mansion is still intact but at present unused. Next to the colonial mansion is another town landmark, the bat tree. A visitor at sunset will be able to observe as thousands of bats ascend into the sky as they fly off in search for food.

The Stung Sen (Sen River) flows through the heart of the town, and has been of historic importance as a trade route, and connects Kampong Thom to Tonle Sap Lake, Kampong Chhnang and from there to the southern areas of Cambodia, Phnom Penh and the Mekong River. Stung Sen is the longest tributary river to Tonle Sap and snakes hundreds of kilometers from its source in the Dongrang mountain range in Northern Preah Vihear province. Many river traders still take their small boats filled with cargo from Kampong Chhnang to Kampong Thom, where they dock at the old market on the northern bank of Stung Sen.

Although Kampong Thom’s main source of commercial income comes from rice farming, fishing, fruit and cashew nuts, there is some growth in tourism due to interest in the pre Angkorian temples of Sambo Prei Kuk just 35 km from the township. Many visitors to Kampong Thom also take time to visit Phnom Santuk (Santuk Mountain), the silk farm and weavers, and stone carving village

nearby. As such it is a good place to stop over for the night in transit between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and gives tourists a chance to relax a little, explore the countryside, and experience everyday life in a provincial Cambodian town. Kampong Thom is also the southern gateway to Preah Vihear province, home to the ancient temple sites of Prasat Preah Khan, Koh Ker, Angkorian road with many bridges,Mekongwaterfall,Ramsam area and the famous mountain top temple complex of Preah Vihear temple.

Popular hotels for visitors include Arunras Hotel and Stung Sen Royal Garden Hotel which have a central location on the main road, close to the Kampong Thom Market. For visitors who want a quiet and relaxing stay, there is Sambor Village, a bungalow hotel with a pleasant garden surround and swimming pool. There are also several guest houses that provide accommodation for the budget traveler. Pounleu Thmei is a popular guest house close to the Elephant and Tigers statue that has been recommended by travelers for its good price and cleanliness.

Arunras and Stung Sen garden have large restaurants that specialize in Cambodian food for travelers and bus groups. Sambor Village houses a restaurant and poolside bar that serves a mix of modern Cambodian and western style food. A smaller restaurant near the market called Bayon Restaurant is popular with locals, and also some tourists who want to eat in an authentic Cambodian market restaurant. Next to the bridge is the Kampong Thom restaurant, which serves a mix of Cambodian and Western meals aimed mainly at the tourist market. A new restaurant in Kampong Thom that is gaining popularity with locals and visitors is Run Amok!, run by a Kampong local and her New Zealand husband and chef. There are many other small restaurants and food stalls around the market area that visitors may also be tempted to try.

Visitors requiring banking or ATM facilities will find Acleda about 1 km south of the town centre on the NR6, and Canadia Bank next to the Tela Station across the road from Arunras Hotel.

Kampong Thom Province has :

                                               - land area    :  15,061 Square Kilometers
                                               - District       :   07 and 01 city ( Baray,Santuk,Kompong svay,
                                                 Steung Sen city,Brasatsambo,Brasatbalaing,Stong,and Sandan )
                                               - Commune  :   81
                                               - Villages     :   739
                                               - Families     :   110,354
                                               - People        :   615,576
Kompong Thom 165 Kilometers north of Phnom Penh, there are 4 mains priority tourism resort among 22 potentials.

Historical Site : ( 6 places )

1-  Sambor Prei Kuk Temple : 35 km north of the provincial town of Kampong Thom and tune right 17 km from the national road N° 64. it located at Sambo village, Sambo Commune, Brasat Sambo District.

 2-  Kuk Nokor Temple : 70 Kilometers south of the provincial town of Kampong Thom and tune right 2 km from the national road N° 6. it located at Pong Ror village, Pong Ror Commune, Baray District.

3- Preah Teat Temple: 8 km south of provincial town of Kampong Thom and turn right 3km.it located at Rokar village,Srayov Commune,Stung Sen City,Kampong Thom Province.

4- Prasat Temple: 27 km south of provincial town of Kampong Thom and turn right 100m.it located at Prasat village,Prasat Commune,San Tuk District,Kampong Thom Province.

5- Thnort Chum Temple: 35km south of provincial town of Kampong Thom and turn right 5km.it located at Thnort Chum village,Thnort Chum Commune,Baray District,Kampong Thom Province.

6- Ang Det Temple: 38 km west of provincial town of Kampong Thom and turn left 3 km.it located at Prasat Ang Det village,San Kor Commune,Kampong Svay District,Kampong Thom Province.

    Cultural and Natural Site : ( 1 Place )

    Santuk mountain : 20 km south of the provincial town of Kampong Thom  and tune left 2 km from the national road N° 6. it located at Kor Kas Commune, Santuk District.

    Man-Made Site : ( 2 places )

    1- Prey Pras River : 18 km from the provincial town and close to the national road N° 6. it located at Prey Priel village, Thmeng commune, Kompong Svay district.
    2- Tum Nupmuymakara ( 1 January Dam ) : 42 km south of the provincial town of Kampong Thom. it located in Prei Sra Nge village, Ba Laing Commune , Ba Ray District of Kampong Thom Province.


- Hotels                        10 Hotels

- Guest houses            9 Guest houses

- Homestays                 2 Homestays

- Restaurants               72 places