Ta Seng homestay

When you visit to Cambodia and want to get the real experience of Cambodian traditional lifestyle, Ta Seng home-stay can provide you the comfortable stay and best service. The Ta Seng home-stay is located in Ta Seng village, Ronak Se commune, Saingkum Thmai district,Preah Vihear province, Approximatly 105 km northwest of Kampong Thom town, near Preah Khan Kampong Svay temple.

The building is surely a lovely wooden house equipped with ready-to-use solar panel. The owner of the house is very kind and friendly, and will serve you a delicious meal with homemade roast chicken, fried fish and the special ingredient depending on your advanced request. Staying in a nice accommodation with Cambodian family including 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) costs only USD 10 per day. This great benefit could be the only extra income for the rural poorest community members who living around Preah Khan Kampong Svay temple, the Cambodia heritage.

In addition to the aforementioned service, the community guides could offer tourists with a fantastic chance to explore a rarely visited jungle temple. The uncharted centre piece of any visit is the ancient temple complex of Preah Khan Kampong Svay “a former worship place of the king”. Notably, this site was used to be a hiding place of the king JayavarmanVII before he ascended to the throne in AD 1181 because of the similarity of some construction styles of this temple to the style of Bayon and Ta Prom temples. The archeological complex consists of such 4 main temples namely Preah Khan, Preah Stung, Preah Kdol or Mebon and Preah Dom Rei temples.

Thus, if you wish to try a new experience with Cambodian culture, please go there with us!