Sambor Prei Kuk Home-Stay


If you come to Cambodia and wish to get the real experience of Cambodian traditional lifestyle, you ought to go to Sambor Prei Kuk and stay at wonderful home-stay there. Very safe and quiet area with pre-Angkorian temple in the wood.

There is a wonderful place where is too close to the local community with kind hosts, simple but good meals, comfortable and clean, and the owners are very friendly and helpful. Some owners are English teachers, who teach English to local children as well as organize soccer matches for local kids. There is an electricity access. It is sure that this would make you have a wonderful experience in discovering the rural Cambodia.

The centre piece of any visit is the ancient temple complex of Sambor Prei Kuk known as Isanak Borak city. The temple was built by the king Isanak Varman I (615-635), the son of the king Mohentr Varman. He was on the throne in 615 and died in 635. He built a capital Isanak Borak (Sambor Pei Kuk) during his mandate.

According to Swi’s royal family in china, capital of the king Isanak Varman I comprised of 20,000 houses located near Sen River. He had a glorious civilization of Khmer at that time. In view of foreign policies, he made friend with China and Cham Pa. His daughter, Sara Ni married to the king of Cham Pa.

To discover what have mentioned above, let’s try to visit and stay there!!!